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Problems at work can take many forms but the most common arise from redundancy, discrimination and unfair dismissal.


"If you feel that you have been treated unfairly who do you turn to?"


Many high street solicitors simply do not have the expertise to deal with the often complex issues and codes of employment law.


Some solicitors may advertise that they deal with employment matters but actually act upon behalf of employers rather than employees.


At EMPLOYMENT LAW RIGHTS we aim to provide you with direct access to experienced specialist solicitors who deal with these types of claims day in, day out. You can be sure that the solicitors are experts in this field and will give you the best advice on whether or not you can make a claim against your employer.


Use the link below to find out some of the reasons why you may need legal advice from a solicitor.


Why I may need help from a solicitor


There are many other reasons why you may need advice from a solicitor whether it be in ensuring that your employer gives you the correct entitlement for maternity or paternity rights, how you are treated if you are a whistleblower, pension rights, gardening leave, notice periods, contracts of employment, entitlement to bonuses or flexible working rights.


If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by your employer our solicitors may be able to help you.


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